Transcript of HIGH TECH TALK
for Week of Sept. 24, 2002

The Web Generation


The times are a-changing, sang Bob Dylan in the sixties. And indeed, each generation has had its own cultural fads and entertainment identity. Our Internet correspondent 'PC Mike' Wendland has found a new Web site that uses today's technology to let us revisit the defining pop culture trends of the past and the trends shaping our future.


Nostalgia is always an irresistible indulgence and the Web Generations Web site now makes it interactively interesting. The data and discussion topics with direct links and lots of photographs begin with the 1940's and continue with every decade through today.

There's also a Today-in-History feature that offers up obscure but usually fascinating peeks at the past.

Each decade deals with the fashions styles and cultural distinctions of the era, from the music and movies, to profiles of the top entertainers and personalities of the time.

It's interesting how pop culture in each decade was defined by its own unique craze from erector sets in the 40's to the poodle skirts of the 50's to cabbage patch kids in the 80's to Pokeman today.

The entertainment sections for the decades are interesting, too, offering links to the music of the different times and biographies of the people whose deep thoughts or positions of power shaped the world of the past and thus determined the path that lead us where we are today.

Would you like to find out more about this? I've made it easy for you by building in direct links on my PC Mike page on the World Wide Web. There's my address on your screen. [] And don't forget, send me your favorite Web sites. You can reach me anytime, online. Till next time, I'm 'PC Mike' Wendland, for NBC News.

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